Lotteries are commonly played all around the world. The money received from the sale of lottery tickets are used to finance public sector projects, educational institutions and to give the prize money to the winners. In the US too, lotteries are popular and the size of prize money of the US lotteries is much larger than the prize money of other lotteries in the world. Here are some of the most commonly played and popular lotteries in the US that you should know about and should try out:

1.    Powerball

This is one of the most popular lotteries played in the US. The jackpot prize money is $2 million however it keeps rolling up if no one wins the jackpot. The draws are held every Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:59 pm EST. Each ticket to participate in the lottery costs $2. It is extremely easy to play this game; the player has to pick 5 numbers and then a one Powerball number. In order to win the jackpot of $2 million, all the six numbers have to be matched.

2.    Super Lotto Plus

The ticket to play Super Lotto Plus costs $1 only. Out of this $1, 95 cents are channeled back to the community in the form of contributions to the public educational institutions. The method to play Super Lotto Plus is relatively straightforward; the player has to choose 5 numbers from 1-47 and one number from 1-27 numbers. The minimum jackpot that a player can win is $15 million. The draw takes place on every Wednesday and Saturday at 7:45 pm.

3.    Mega Millions

This is also another lottery popular in the US. The ticket of the lottery costs only $1 and a jackpot of $1 million can be won. However, in Mega Millions, the player has the option to avail Megaplier feature and push the value of the jackpot to a $5 million level. The highest mega millions jackpot amount ever won is $656 million.

So, do you think that you are a lucky brat who can win obscene amounts of money in the lottery jackpot? If you believe that to be true, then you should buy lottery tickets of the aforementioned lotteries right now and pray under a shooting star that the next winning numbers match your previously chosen numbers.