We have all heard about the lottery winners that ended up broke after few years and we have also heard about some winners that were successful in not only retaining but growing their wealth. There are also some other interesting facts and statistics about lottery winners that many people haven’t heard before. Here we aim to bring those facts into the limelight.

1.    Lotteries are Most Popular in North America

Though lotteries are played all around the world, yet it is a fact that it is most popular in the North American region. Now we won’t force you to believe this fact blindly rather we will prove our claim using statistical fact. According to the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries, North Americans spend around $58 billion on the purchase of lottery tickets annually.

2.    32% Lottery Winners Gain Weight

Money is a powerful sedative and a stimulant. As soon as a person knows that he has won millions of dollars, he is most likely to get lazy. This is why many lotto winners quit their job and spend the rest of their life chilling around. With such a care-free lifestyle it won’t be far from reality to say that 32% of the lottery winners gain weight and only 12% of winners decide to join a gym.

3.    83% Winners Share Their Prize Money with Their Family

The news of you winning a lottery jackpot cannot be concealed. People will get to know about it and will remind you that they are your family. It was found in a study conducted by the Camelot Group, that the higher the amount of prize money the more likely is that the winner will distribute the money among his family. Quantitatively speaking, 83% of lottery winners share their winnings with their parents, siblings, and children.

4.    24% Lottery Winners Buy House in a Foreign Country

People do a job to make their both ends meet but in our minds, we all have a secret desire to go to a foreign land, where nobody understands our language and spend some time there. This is why most winners go to a foreign land when they win the jackpot. 24% of those winners even buy a house in a foreign country while 7% buy an RV to live while on the go.