Play USA Powerball Guide USA Powerball Winners

About USA Powerball

USA Powerball is a popular American lottery that is played in all but eight US States, as well as online in the rest of the world and the Virgin Islands. It replaced Lotto America in 1992 and was the first lottery game to use two separate drums when drawing winning numbers. One drum was for the white balls, and the other was for the red Powerball.

Results Speak for Themselves

The best part about playing the lotto online – whichever game you choose – is that you no longer have to be glued to your television at a specific time to get the results. Gone are the days of hanging on the edge of your sofa, anxiously shushing everyone and scrambling for a pen at the last moment. When you buy a lottery ticket online, all you need to do to find out that you’ve won big is go online at the given draw date for that specific game and see the latest lottery results for yourself.

If you’ve played Powerball Lottery before, you’ll know you have two options when choosing your numbers. Players can either select their numbers manually or opt for “quick play” tickets. “Quick play” tickets – also referred to as “quick pick” tickets on other online lottery sites – contain numbers automatically generated and selected by a computer.

Playing the USA Powerball is extremely worthwhile because it is famous for its really huge jackpots. Who wouldn’t like to win millions of dollars? The draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday night at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. The Powerball winning numbers are announced live on television, on Powerball’s main website, newspapers, and also online lottery sites.