Powerball Jackpot Winners Claim $121.6 M

Powerball Jackpot Winners Claim $121.6 M

One of the luckiest couples in the world will have the blessing to start 2017 as multi-millionaires. The USA Powerball jackpot winners will now have a net worth of over $121.6 million! After matching all five white balls including the bonus ball, they are looking forward to their new life filled with luxury and adventure!

On December 17th, 2016, a man and a woman who wishes to remain anonymous, became Powerball jackpot winners raking in $121.6 million. They bought their lucky ticket at Selbyville Goose Creek in Selbyville, Delaware.

The man was the one who bought the ticket, and he says he has been a loyal player of the Delaware Lottery since it first began in 1975. He normally plays Powerball and Mega Millions when the jackpots get really big. He likes to play his own lucky numbers and has been doing so for many years now. He chose his numbers from a quick pick Powerball ticket he bought ages ago and has since then stuck with them. Well, it really did pay off!

“I figured it only takes one ticket to win. I went to the machine and scanned my ticket, and all these numbers came up. I have never seen that many zeros in my life! Once reality set in, my first reaction was to cry. I walked out of the store in tears and returned to my wife who was waiting for me in the car,” explained the winner.

As one can imagine, the wife was surprised and worried seeing him come back to the car in the state he was in. “He came to the car and had all these tears streaming on his face. I didn’t know what to think at first, but then he anxiously told me the news. I was so confused I didn’t believe him and thought he was joking with me. I made him double check the Powerball numbers right there in front of me against my phone, and we got the same results. I was astonished,” explained the Powerball jackpot winners wife.

They chose to receive their money in a cash option, which amounted to $72.1 million after federal taxes. “This is just such a great experience, and we don’t want to spend the money foolishly. I have strong feelings toward education and would want to make donations to schools or other charities in the future. We’ve also had our eyes on an RV. Since we travel a lot, it would be perfect for our family,” she said. The husband has also always dreamed of owning a fancy motorbike, so he will be spoiling himself with one very soon.

“Winning is not going to change me. I told him I don’t want us to be different because of the money,” said the man’s wife.

Maryland Retiree Wins Powerball Prize

Maryland Retiree Wins Powerball Prize

We all want to retire in style. That’s the dream. For this lucky Powerball player, her dream of retiring wealthy has come true! The lucky Maryland retiree resident wants to remain anonymous, but she was happy to share some details about her Powerball prize with the media.

This Powerball’s player’s win came at just the right time: retirement! The winner got $50,000 and is looking forward to being able to relax and put her feet up for many future years to come. The Powerball winner has now retired from working in the communications industry for many years. Although many changes were happening to her in life, there was one routine she kept the same that ended up really benefitting her: buying Powerball lotto tickets!

Thanks to that habit, she ended up winning $50,000 in cash. There have been many retirees who have won the lottery, and each of them says that it was the best thing that could have happened to them at a time like that.

The winner is a 71-year-old wife and mother explained that she checks her tickets every few weeks because the pile is usually bursting out of her handbag! It took her a couple of weeks to realize that one of the tickets she bought for the 11th of January draw ended up making her a winner.

“When I compared the ticket to the winning Powerball results on the Maryland Lottery website and saw the five matches, I just sat there in disbelief. I really didn’t believe it,” she said. She said she spent half an hour re-checking her ticket before coming to the conclusion that it was really happening to her.

She bought her winning Powerball ticket from ShopRite in Timonium. It was the only Maryland Powerball prize ticket to win as big as hers on the 11th of January. “It was a huge surprise, as you can imagine,” said the winner.

She and her husband want to do some home improvements now. They took their time in claiming their winnings because they first wanted to make sure how they were going to spend the money. They wanted to enjoy putting the money to good use and not let it go to waste as the win was a tremendous blessing.

She and her husband will continue playing the lottery and are looking forward to their next win!

Comic Book Store Leads To Powerball Win

Comic Book Store Leads To Powerball Win

In San Diego, California, a recent trip to a comic book store has resulted in a life-changing USA Powerball win. The winner, Kent Li, couldn’t be more thrilled or excited for the future with his $1.5 million windfall.

The winner decided to visit his favorite comic book store and on his way, he chose to stop and play Powerball just for fun. That was the decision that changed his life forever because he is now $1.5 million richer.

Kent bought a ticket because he saw how massive the jackpot had become last year in the month of November. When he entered one of the draws, the grand prize was $359 million. He was adamant about stopping and getting a lottery ticket or he felt as though he would miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

The winner bought five lines of Powerball tickets from a popular 7-Eleven store on Midway Drive in San Diego. He continued with his day as usual afterward and didn’t think much of his tickets. He went to his comic book store and enjoyed his chill-out time there. He only remembered about his tickets much later on.

“When I saw one of the local news stations announce that the winner was from San Diego, I couldn’t believe my ears! But then when I heard them say the name of the store, I knew that I had been there and there could be a chance that I was the lucky Powerball winner. So I checked my numbers immediately,” explained Kent.

Kent matched five lucky Powerball numbers which were 7, 32, 41, 47 and 61. He narrowly missed out on the Powerball number 3 which could have won him the grand jackpot on November 23rd, 2016.

It’s a common occurrence for lottery winners to realize they might have won after hearing about lottery wins on the news. People just forget that they’ve bought tickets. Sometimes the store manager has even tracked down winners by finding them on CCTV when they came into the store to buy tickets.

His Powerball win was so close to winning the huge jackpot that he told lottery officials he was a little disappointed. He isn’t ungrateful for his blessing, but he wished he could have won more because he really needed the money. “I got a good sum of money, but I almost felt like I came in second place,” he chuckled.

The draw that Kent entered took place in November 2016 and took him until the 20th of January to claim his winnings. He told Californian lottery officials that he wants to invest his money but won’t stop playing the lottery. “I’m going for all six numbers!” he said.

We wish Kent Li all the best of luck and massive congratulations!

4 Shocking Facts and Statistics about Lottery Winners

4 Shocking Facts and Statistics about Lottery Winners

We have all heard about the lottery winners that ended up broke after few years and we have also heard about some winners that were successful in not only retaining but growing their wealth. There are also some other interesting facts and statistics about lottery winners that many people haven’t heard before. Here we aim to bring those facts into the limelight.

1.    Lotteries are Most Popular in North America

Though lotteries are played all around the world, yet it is a fact that it is most popular in the North American region. Now we won’t force you to believe this fact blindly rather we will prove our claim using statistical fact. According to the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries, North Americans spend around $58 billion on the purchase of lottery tickets annually.

2.    32% Lottery Winners Gain Weight

Money is a powerful sedative and a stimulant. As soon as a person knows that he has won millions of dollars, he is most likely to get lazy. This is why many lotto winners quit their job and spend the rest of their life chilling around. With such a care-free lifestyle it won’t be far from reality to say that 32% of the lottery winners gain weight and only 12% of winners decide to join a gym.

3.    83% Winners Share Their Prize Money with Their Family

The news of you winning a lottery jackpot cannot be concealed. People will get to know about it and will remind you that they are your family. It was found in a study conducted by the Camelot Group, that the higher the amount of prize money the more likely is that the winner will distribute the money among his family. Quantitatively speaking, 83% of lottery winners share their winnings with their parents, siblings, and children.

4.    24% Lottery Winners Buy House in a Foreign Country

People do a job to make their both ends meet but in our minds, we all have a secret desire to go to a foreign land, where nobody understands our language and spend some time there. This is why most winners go to a foreign land when they win the jackpot. 24% of those winners even buy a house in a foreign country while 7% buy an RV to live while on the go.

4 Lottery Winners Who Used Their Money for a Good Cause

4 Lottery Winners Who Used Their Money for a Good Cause

Ask a person what they’ll do if they win millions of dollars overnight. Probably most people would want their material desires to be fulfilled. Some people want to fly to Spain and have fun at the beach. Others want to buy a lavish house and a brand new car, but there are very few people who think beyond themselves. Here we have listed 4 Lottery winners who used their money for a good cause rather than spending the money on their own selves.

Gilbert and Jackie Cisneros of Newport Beach, California

In 2010, they won the Mega Millions jackpot of $266 million. With such big amount of money in hand, they could have easily retired from their jobs and spend the rest of their lives carefree. But they chose to establish a foundation that would help the Hispanic youth of California. The foundation gives scholarships and grants to the young Hispanics that cannot afford higher education.

Tom Crist from Canada

Tom won a $40 million jackpot on May this year. He is a down to earth person and does not aspire to have a flamboyant lifestyle. This is why he has put all his prize money in a family trust that will keep distributing the returns on the endowment to various charities to help the poor and the downtrodden.

William Kiefer from Texas

William Kiefer, who lives in Katy, a small city in Texas, won $144 million in a Mega Millions jackpot. Rather than spending money on him, this man created a foundation that helps disaster victims, abused children, and retired nuns. William says that the decision to spend money for a good cause was all because of his Christian upbringing.

Mark Hill from Missouri

Mark Hill, who currently lives in Dearborn, won the Powerball jackpot of $294 million in November 2012. He used the money to help the people of his hometown that were deprived of some basic facilities. He used it to install sewer treatment plant, a ball field, and a new fire station.

Do you too want to help the people and spend money on a good cause after winning the lottery? Then you should purchase lottery tickets from a nearby shop that sells such lotteries or you can simply visit our website and buy lottery tickets online.