Billions of people all around the world play lotteries. It’s not that they are greedy and want to win; it’s just that there is a craze among people regarding lotteries. Also, every person who plays a lottery knows that he is spending to buy a lottery which will be directed back to the welfare of the society. This is why it is popular and is played by many people all around the globe. This game of lottery is not only popular among the common people; it is also played by many celebrities. Here are some celebrities that have played the Italian lottery.

Paris Hilton

The name needs no introduction. In 2008, Paris was spotted in Italy buying lottery tickets for SuperEnaLotto. This is the national lottery of Italy and is played widely by people. She told the press reporters that if she wins the jackpot she would donate 10% of the money to charity organizations.

Liz Hurley and George Clooney

In 2010, the jackpot prize for SuperEnaLotto reached €117 million. A huge number of people purchased the lottery ticket in the hope of hitting the jackpot. Among those people were Liz Hurley and George Clooney. They informed the media that they’ve purchased the lottery ticket so that if they do win the lottery then they would donate all the prize money to victims of Haiti earthquake. Liz bought 500 while George Clooney bought 1000 tickets, unfortunately, neither of them won the jackpot.

The Lucky Madonna

The ‘Queen of Pop’ in 2012 was on a tour to Europe when she bought 14 tickets of an Italian lottery ‘SiVinceTutto’. She was lucky enough to win division two prize of the lottery the prize money of which was €120,000. Madonna used that prize money to build schools in Malawi, which is the poorest country in the continent of Africa. These schools provide free education to around 1000 children every year. Well, we must say, what a far-sighted decision was taken by Madonna!

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