In San Diego, California, a recent trip to a comic book store has resulted in a life-changing USA Powerball win. The winner, Kent Li, couldn’t be more thrilled or excited for the future with his $1.5 million windfall.

The winner decided to visit his favorite comic book store and on his way, he chose to stop and play Powerball just for fun. That was the decision that changed his life forever because he is now $1.5 million richer.

Kent bought a ticket because he saw how massive the jackpot had become last year in the month of November. When he entered one of the draws, the grand prize was $359 million. He was adamant about stopping and getting a lottery ticket or he felt as though he would miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

The winner bought five lines of Powerball tickets from a popular 7-Eleven store on Midway Drive in San Diego. He continued with his day as usual afterward and didn’t think much of his tickets. He went to his comic book store and enjoyed his chill-out time there. He only remembered about his tickets much later on.

“When I saw one of the local news stations announce that the winner was from San Diego, I couldn’t believe my ears! But then when I heard them say the name of the store, I knew that I had been there and there could be a chance that I was the lucky Powerball winner. So I checked my numbers immediately,” explained Kent.

Kent matched five lucky Powerball numbers which were 7, 32, 41, 47 and 61. He narrowly missed out on the Powerball number 3 which could have won him the grand jackpot on November 23rd, 2016.

It’s a common occurrence for lottery winners to realize they might have won after hearing about lottery wins on the news. People just forget that they’ve bought tickets. Sometimes the store manager has even tracked down winners by finding them on CCTV when they came into the store to buy tickets.

His Powerball win was so close to winning the huge jackpot that he told lottery officials he was a little disappointed. He isn’t ungrateful for his blessing, but he wished he could have won more because he really needed the money. “I got a good sum of money, but I almost felt like I came in second place,” he chuckled.

The draw that Kent entered took place in November 2016 and took him until the 20th of January to claim his winnings. He told Californian lottery officials that he wants to invest his money but won’t stop playing the lottery. “I’m going for all six numbers!” he said.

We wish Kent Li all the best of luck and massive congratulations!