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What Kind of Mega Millions Winner Are You?

The reason everyone loves the idea of the lottery is that it presents the opportunity for real life rags-to-riches stories; actual present-day fairy tales; impossible dreams made possible. You could ask any person, ‘What would you do if you became a millionaire overnight?’ and they would have an answer, ready to go. The question is, what would ­you do if you became a millionaire? You better get your answer ready, because even YOU could win the Mega Millions! All it takes is one lucky ticket.

Mega Millions, Mega Winners!

While you ponder what your life would look like with a couple of extra million dollars in your back-pocket, here are what some other Mega Millions winners did with their cash prizes:

MEGA MILLIONS MEGA WINNERSA couple from Wales won $6.5 million in 2007 and went about ticking a few things off their quite reasonable list – a dream house, a celebratory cruise holiday, a mortgage paid and a son’s education sorted. After all this, they still had left over to spend on three additional properties. A winning approach, to be sure!

While $6.5 million is no small number, the $28.7 million that a couple from New York won in 2011 certainly does put it to shame! The couple decided to donate a part of their winnings to build a spray park in Green Island, New York.

One pub owner from the UK won $1.3 million in what was apparently a 13,00,000 to 1 odds draw. This lucky lottery player decided to travel the world, but not before he spoilt 13 of his family members to a Florida vacation. After that, he jetted off to Mexico and Dubai and will be heading to Las Vegas for his 50th birthday. If you’ve ever dreamt of traveling the world, the lotto is certainly one way to make that happen.

Lastly, one couple who won a gigantic $50 million in 2009 surprised everyone by donating huge sums of cash to various charities. A homeless shelter, a food bank, and the Salvation Army were just a few of the organizations who benefitted from this couples’ generosity. If you’ve got a passion for charity, purchasing just one lottery ticket could literally change millions of lives.

Whether you want your life to change, or want to change the life of someone else, it all starts with one ticket. Buy your online lottery ticket today!