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Play Oz Powerball Online and Win BIG from Home!

Many of us may be familiar with the saying, ‘you can’t win if you don’t play’. It’s not a particularly clever saying, but it does have the merit of being true. But, what isn’t necessarily true when it comes to winning the lottery, is that you have to leave your house to play. That – thanks to the wonder of the internet – is no longer true in today’s digital world.

Why Oz Powerball?

Oz Powerball currently holds the record for having offered the biggest jackpot ever offered by an Australian Lottery! Still need a reason to play? Well, the Oz Powerball draw happens on a Tuesday, a notoriously average day of the week. What better way to make a day less average than by playing (and, ideally, winning) the lotto?!

Purchase Your Tickets, Anytime, Anywhere!

It couldn’t be easier to purchase Oz Powerball tickets online – a few simple clicks and you have your virtual lotto numbers ready to go. The beauty is that our simple ordering process means that you can play from anywhere, anytime! Note: you do not have to be an Australian to play the Oz Lotto, which means that you can literally play from anywhere and stand a chance to win BIG.

Anyone Can Play

If you’re still getting used to the world of online lottery, perhaps it’ll be a comfort to know that (1) anyone can play and (2) if you’re still uncertain, there are clear instructions on the site and on the page you purchase your tickets – so it’s impossible to get it wrong. If you’d like to see how it’s done, click and you’ll see just how easy it is.

Choosing Your Numbers is Quick and Easy!

If you’ve had a long day, or if you’re sneaking in a quick purchase during your lunch break, you probably need to know that the purchasing process is a smooth and fast one. Well, it certainly is, and even better, you can use the ‘quick pick’ option to save even more time. Using the ‘quick pick’ option automatically generates tickets for you so you don’t have to spend time agonizing over which to choose. Quick and pain-free – playing the Oz Lotto is a breeze.

At any time of day, in any possible place, the Oz Powerball is waiting for you to take a chance and win big. Ready to go? Buy your first ticket right