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USA Powerball Winners

A group of co-workers at an American stamping group played Powerball with their office syndicate. They ended up being USA Powerball lottery winners to the entire $420 million jackpot. Luck was on their side!

The leader of the syndicate, Amy O’Neal, named their team the “Tennessee 20”. The name isn’t going to fade away for a long time because it was their team that helped changed the lives of everyone in it forever. Amy was the member of the team who bought the winning ticket from the Smoke Shop in Lafayette, her hometown.

It was a usual routine for the syndicate, so after she bought the ticket she didn’t think much of it and went straight to bed. On Sunday morning when she woke up, her son was excitedly telling her to check her ticket because there’ s a chance she could have the winning Powerball ticket. What a way to wake up! As grown ups, we would think it’s waking up with a cake that can’t make us fat but alas, there are better ways.

You never think you’re going to win this lottery, but you do it for fun!

Amy O'Neal

American Stamping Group

After she confirmed that her winning Powerball numbers were correct three times, she called the rest of the team members to tell them the news. All the other co-workers belonged to 13 different cities, but they all rushed to her house.

The big question on everyone’s lips is: “How will they spend the jackpot money?” All of them have their own personal dreams like buying new cars, going on vacations, and paying for their kids’ college tuition.

All of them have mentioned that after spoiling themselves with the few items they want, they will be pledging to put aside a certain sum of money to good deeds and charities. They want to help families who were affected by wildfires.